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Ultimate Guide to Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles | Top 5 Best Handles

Although kitchen handles may also appear like a small contact, they’ve a huge effect on how your kitchen appears. They are the final pieces on your layout puzzle, the completing touches which have the electricity to make or ruin the advent of your kitchen shelves. They serve an aesthetic purpose, but they are additionally crucial to retaining your kitchen functional. Cabinet knobs help hold the surfaces of the shelves from getting worn down and smudged whilst doorways and drawers are opened and closed. Therefore, choosing the suitable fashion and location could have a huge effect for your kitchen’s look as well as its usability. Modern kitchen cabinet handles elevate the design concept, give your room personality, and bring in a touch of refinement. 

Material Options for Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles

There are a few things to think about when it comes to modern kitchen cabinet knobs’ material selections.

Stainless Steel: Stainless metal is a commonplace choice due to its modern style and toughness. Stainless metallic handles are best for a kitchen on account that they are easy to smooth and immune to rust.

Brass: Your kitchen will look more fashionable and feature a touch of antique charm with brass handles. Their heat golden tint and resistance to corrosion can blend properly with many distinct types of kitchen designs.

Zinc Alloy: Zinc alloy handles have a recognition for being strong and long-lasting. Because they arrive in a variety of finishes, owners might also pick out the right supplement for the fashion in their kitchen.

Wood: Natural and rustic charm can be found in wooden handles. One can sculpt them.

Ceramic: Ceramic handles provide a unique and artistic contact to your kitchen cabinets. They are available in exclusive shapes, sizes, and styles, bearing in mind a custom designed look.

Every material has distinct advantages and a pleasing appearance of its own. When choosing a choice, it’s important to take your kitchen’s design, your preferences, and the functionality you require from your handles into account.

Top 5 Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles

There are so many alternatives available to you when it comes to modern kitchen cabinet knobs. Let’s examine the top five of them:

Bar Pulls

These sleek, long handles look great in a contemporary, minimalist kitchen. Usually composed of stainless steel, they are available in varied lengths to suit a range of cabinet sizes. Their sleek and uncomplicated design elevates your kitchen’s modern look.

Cup Pulls

These handles, sometimes referred to as bin pulls, are fastened to the underside of the cabinet door or drawer, and you pull them in your direction to open it. Their semicircular shape gives a modern setting a hint of classic style. They may create a stunning contrast in a modern kitchen design and are frequently constructed of brass or zinc alloy.

Tab Pulls

These handles are without problems gripped due to a touch tab that extends from the cupboard door or drawer’s area. They are best for modern-day and minimalist kitchens due to the fact they are constructed of numerous substances, which include brass or stainless-steel, and have a sleek, understated appearance.

Wooden Knobs

Wooden knobs may provide a hint of rustic appeal to a modern kitchen. They can take on any desired shape, be it square or round. They can be made to complement the color scheme in your kitchen and offer a distinctive contrast to slick, modern cabinets.

Ceramic Pulls

Ceramic pulls are a fantastic option for people looking to give their kitchen a creative touch. They enable a genuinely customized look because they are available in an array of sizes, shapes, and patterns. They can make the cabinets stand out in a modern kitchen by adding a splash of color and pattern.

The style of your kitchen as a whole, your preferences, and the utility you need from your handles will all influence which handle is best for your cabinet. Recall that the appropriate handle enhances your kitchen’s functionality in addition to complimenting the overall style.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Step 1: Gather Tools

Assemble all the tools required for the installation process before starting. A screwdriver, drill, tape measure, pencil, and the cabinet handles of your choice are usually included in this.

Step 2: Measure and Mark

Mark and measure the precise location of your handles before drilling. This is crucial to ensuring that the handles are stage and calmly spaced. To determine the center of the door or drawer wherein the take care of could be set up, use a tape measure. Put a pencil here to mark the area.

Step 3: Drill the Holes

It’s time to drill the holes after you’ve marked the vicinity. Make the scale of the drill bit you choose suits the dimensions of the screws that had been included together with your handles. Drill through the marker straight and steadily with the drill.

Step 4: Attach the Handles

After the hollow has been drilled, insert the screw from the interior of the cabinet door or drawer. After positioning the deal with the other aspect, tighten the screws firmly using a screwdriver. Although you need to tighten the handle firmly, attempt no longer to overtighten it as this will harm the drawer or cupboard door.

Step 5: Repeat the Process

Repeat the process for each cabinet door or drawer where a handle needs to be installed, using the same steps.

Recall that accuracy and patience are essential to this process. Your kitchen will seem professional and have more functionality and beauty if you take the time to measure accurately and align your handles.

Maintaining Your Modern Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Your kitchen cabinet handles can last longer and continue to appear brand new with proper care. The following advice will help you preserve the handles on your contemporary kitchen cabinets.

Regular Cleaning: Keeping your handles looking vibrant and presentable requires everyday cleaning. To smooth the handles, use a solution of warm water and mild cleaning soap. Because they can harm the end, stay faraway from the use of abrasive cleaning or strong chemicals.

Wipe Dry: Always care to dry the handles after cleaning. Particularly with metal handles, leaving water on the surface might result in corrosion and stains.

Polish: The occasional polishing will help keep the luster on handles made of brass and stainless steel. To gently buff the handles, use a soft cloth and an appropriate metal polish.

Tighten Screws: The screws that secure the handles could fall free with time. To prevent unsteady handles, make certain the screws are tight whenever and tighten them if essential.

Avoid Abrasive Materials: Avoid the usage of metal wool or other abrasive cleansing materials on the handles as they could scratch and damage the surface.

Replacement: Handles may in the end wear out despite right care. When noticeable wear and tear starts to show, it might be time for an alternative.

Recall that the precise maintenance required in your handles will depend upon the type of material they’re built of. For ultimate effects, always adhere to the producer’s care instructions.


The look and usefulness of your kitchen can be greatly stepped forward by deciding on and putting in modern kitchen cabinet handles. Sleek bar pulls, traditional cup pulls, minimalist tab pulls, rustic wooden knobs, or beautiful ceramic pulls are just a few of the handle options that can quietly highlight the style of your kitchen. Assuring usage and durability requires proper installation, which is a work that can be successfully completed with the right equipment and careful measuring. Recall that regular upkeep is necessary to extend the life of your handles and maintain their greatest appearance. Taking good care of your cupboard handles can pay off ultimately via reworking your kitchen into a practical and aesthetically appealing region. This includes recurring cleaning and drying as well as occasional sharpening and alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my kitchen cabinet handles?

It is pleasant to clean your handles on a regular foundation to keep them vibrant and presentable. A weekly or bimonthly cleaning must be sufficient, depending on how often the area is used and the way considerable dirt or fingerprints are.

What if the screw is not tightening the handle sufficiently?

The handle may be stripped if the screw isn’t holding it firmly in place. You might have to change the screw in this situation.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my kitchen cabinet handles?

It can be time for a replacement if there are caution symptoms of intense put on and tear, together with corrosion, chipping, or loosening that cannot be corrected by using tightening.

How do I choose kitchen cabinet handles?

To fit the style and practicality of your kitchen, there are a number of elements to take into account when choosing kitchen cabinet handles. Determine the general design motif of your kitchen first.  The handles’ material and polish should also be taken into account.  Finally, keep the usefulness in mind. Strong and cleanable handles are essential.

What Modern kitchen cabinets handles are in style?

Kitchen cabinet handles are available in a big range of styles that can supplement your kitchen’s universal layout aesthetic. Currently, some styles are major in present day kitchen design: Bar pulls, Cup pulls, Tab pulls, Wooden knobs, Ceramic pulls. The high-quality kitchen cabinet handles are people who align together with your personal style, the layout aesthetic of your kitchen, and the capability you prefer.


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